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Early Spring Greenhouse Season

Fresh Local Garden Produce now available! Click on the Market Delivery and Schedule page for more information and pricing details.

When you live in SW Montana, the trick is to extend the growing season. Would you like locally grown, fresh lettuce and spinach in April and May? How about luscious ripe strawberries for Mother's Day? Many people don't even realize that this is possible in our part of Montana. But it is.
















The way to make it happen is to grow an early season under cover, in a greenhouse.


Our limiting factor is always space. We pack things in as tight as possible, but demand for our early, cool-weather produce tends to outstrip our supply.


We recommend those interested in the finest early produce available to join our e-mail list by contacting us or fill out the form below. We'll add your name to our notification list. Then we'll send out an e-mail notice when things are ready.



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What is your interest? Tomato and Garden plants and/or Fresh Produce?

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All early season produce is available on a first come, first served basis.   


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