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Welcome to Covenant Gardens - 2022

The Whitehall Ledger Newspaper prints an article on Covenant Gardens. Click here to read all about it!

Contact us for questions or comments: covgardens@gmail.com


Garden Plants - Click here for more information on upcoming market outlets and schedule for Covenant Gardens Tomato, Pepper and Garden Plants.

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Click here for the 2022 Variety List


Asparagus - Click here for more information on market outlets and market schedule for Covenant Gardens Fresh Asparagus.

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Farm Friends - Click here for more information on the Farm Friends cooperative program at Covenant Gardens

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Video Clips of Covenant Gardens in Season




Asparagus Growing Techniques

Asparagus Rising

Planting Asparagus Seedlings

Asparagus Sprinklers and Harvest Prep

Greenhouse Plants Ready for Market

Full Greenhouse

End of Season Greenhouse

Abundant Life Diversity With Deep Soil

Mob Graze for Regenerative Benefits

Mob Graze Part 2

Checking Soil Health

Pollinator Activity

Bee Diversity

Pumpkin Madness

Drone Video of Covenant Gardens

Pig Jailbreak

July 4 Farm Party

Honeybees in Asparagus Nectar Flow 



Regenerative Agriculture Resource Archive


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These links provide helpful material to understand the regenerative agriculture principles, priorities and techniques that govern all of the growing at Covenant Gardens.


Kiss the Ground

The Challenge of Regenerative Agriculture

The Secret World Beneath Our Feet...

Growing a Revolution

Growing a New Future for Farming

Dirt to Soil

Entangled Life

Our Friends at CovenantPastures.com

Chemical Farming and the Loss of Human Health

Pandemics and Pathogenic Farming Methods 

Rearranging Deck Chairs on the Titanic

Regenerative Farming, Degenerative Pharma, and the Microbiome

Farmer's Footprint

The Little Regenerative Farmer (Children's book) 

Video Presentation on Cover Crop Benefits

H2O, The Molecule That Made Us 

The Sound of Life in the Soil


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