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Spring has Sprung at Covenant Gardens! 


We want to update you on all of the early developments and new details for 2021. Please note our market list and schedule below for our upcoming garden plants and fresh asparagus season.


New Announcements for 2021


        •  New for the 2021 growing season -- Purple Passion asparagus plants!
    Do your love our Purple Passion fresh asparagus? Would you like to grow your own asparagus patch for your own source? We are now growing Purple Passion asparagus plants from our own seed harvested directly from our legacy crop of asparagus.  
    These plants will be ready to plant in your own garden to create an asparagus patch. Let them grow 2 full seasons to establish. A light cutting can be taken on the 3rd year and full harvest each year with full maturity. 

    After the Purple Passion asparagus has been successfully established, it will provide you a crop of fresh asparagus every spring for many years with basic care. 

    Look for our Purple Passion asparagus plants at all of our plant markets for 2021. Check out our 2021 Variety List for more information.
      • We are now interviewing for Farm Friends for the 2021 season. Click Here to see more information and details about how you can join us on the local farm in exchange for shares in the harvest.




          • We are happy to announce a brand new source for your local produce from your local farmers! Give a big welcome to RootCellarFoods.com.  Root Cellar Foods will be a new market for Covenant Gardens garden plants and fresh asparagus for the 2021 season. You will be able to purchase all of our garden plants and fresh asparagus online and have it delivered to your home or convenient drop-off location. 



          Located in the Gallatin Valley, Root Cellar Foods offers local and regionally grown produce, Montana raised meat and Montana Made goods through their Online Market for home delivery or convenient pick up in the Gallatin Valley, Livingston and Big Sky.


          Fulfill your local food grocery needs with this one stop shop and check out their assorted offerings of produce, meat, dairy, grains, honey, flowers, snacks and more here:





          2021 Plant Season 


          Check out our 2021 Variety List here. We have a number of new varieties of tomatoes and peppers for 2021 along with a wide selection of spring greens and garden strawberry plants. Purple Passion asparagus plants will be a new addition for 2021 for those who would like to establish their own asparagus patch in the garden.


          Click Here to see a video tour from our greenhouse in May of 2020.


          Most of the plants will be just about the right size to plant in your garden from May 1 to May 30. Please see our regular plant market schedule below for upcoming locations and dates.





          All of Covenant Gardens plants will be available for purchase at Kenyon Noble Lumber and Hardware on Oak St.

          This will be the third year our plants are carried by this retail store, so let them know how our plants do in your garden!

           Click here to see the 2021 Variety list.



           2018_Town_and_Country.jpgA selection of Covenant Gardens plants will be available for purchase at 2 Town and Country Food Stores in Bozeman. Look for our plant rack out in front of the 19th St. and S. 11th St. (college location) stores.





          You can order Covenant Gardens plants online directly from Root Cellar Foods and have them delivered to your home or convenient drop-off location.

          Click here to access, browse, and order online.





          Western Pines Livestock Bedding and Landscape Supply located at 4225 Amsterdam Rd.,Manhattan, MT.

          Give them a call at (406) 282-7527.

           Click here to see the 2021 Variety list.




          2012_Plant_Sale.jpgWhitehall market for our tomato, pepper, strawberry and garden plants begins Saturday, May 8th. Come visit us on the corner of Legion and Division Streets Thurs-Sat throughout May (weather permitting).

          Our usual schedule runs from mid-morning to about 5 P.M., but can vary with outdoor conditions.

          Call 287-5302 if you have any questions or to find out if we will be in Whitehall on a specific day and time. You can also call to arrange to come pick your own plants out of the greenhouse in Waterloo.

          Click here to see the 2021 Variety list 



          Covenant Gardens is planning to deliver plants to the Butte Farmer's Market in Uptown Butte on May 15th, 22nd and 29th as well as June 5th (weather permitting).

          Because this is a later market, some of our stock may be sold out by this time. Come on over to pick your own plants out of the greenhouse in Waterloo earlier if you want to be sure to get the exact varieties you want. Call 287-5302 or e-mail us at covgardens@gmail.com to set up a time to visit. 

          Click here to see the 2021 Variety list



          Covenant Gardens is planning to return to the Helena Farmer's Market beginning on May 1st (weather permitting).

          We hope to be able to supply this market throughout the month of May with plants and fresh asparagus as our harvest allows. 

          Click here to see the 2021 Variety list



          2021 Asparagus Season

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          Now that we have grown fresh asparagus for over 10 years in SW Montana we get one question that people keep asking:

          Why is your fresh asparagus so good?


          The short answer to that question is that we grow everything at Covenant Gardens using regenerative agriculture practices that avoids any use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides.


          Our focus is on vibrant soil health, bio-diversity and sustainability. The amazing taste of our fresh asparagus is simply a byproduct of our regenerative agriculture principles that we incorporate into our farm. Indeed, you can taste the difference in everything we grow because we pursue soil health and biological wholeness as our top priority.

          Would you like to see a quick video tour of our asparagus field during the growing season?


          Click here to see one of the key techniques we utilize to enhance soil fertility and produce top quality fresh asparagus.  

          Looking for bulk pricing on our fresh asparagus?


          E-mail us at covgardens@gmail.com to place an order for 10 lbs or more and we will give you a discount price.

          You can also pick up our asparagus in season at our regular markets in Belgrade, Bozeman, Butte, Helena, Whitehall, and Livingston at these locations:


          Town & Country Foods located in Belgrade, Bozeman, and Livingston.
          Bozeman Co-op located at 908 W. Main St. in Bozeman
          Root Cellar Foods order online here 

          Dancing Rainbow Natural Grocery located at 9 S. Montana St. in Butte.

          Butte Farmers Market (Saturdays through May).

          Helena Farmers Market (Saturdays through May).


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